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EXCITING NEWS FOR CUSTOMIZERS!!! There’s a way to dye your poly, kanekalon, saran and monofiber!!! It’s a product called idye poly. This dye allows NON Nylon and Kiwi hair to be dyed! How awesome is this?! As most customizers know, Nylon and Kiwi are the only types of hair that can be dyed- using RIT or Acid Dye. This is how you will know if your hair is truly nylon or kiwi. All nylon is made to withstand 400 degree temperatures (as is monofiber) and can easily be dyed without any problem using rit or acid dyes, and will curl easily. Same with Kiwi hair. Until discovering idye poly, hairs like monofiber, saran, polypropylene and kanekalon were undyable, but now you can use idye poly to dye those too. Shown below are just a few of the gorgeous dyed saran hanks available at our sister site in the UK. She has dyed poly too! ❤