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Tuesdays we’ll be featuring another favorite type of art- tattoos!! I currently have 3 tattoos, but one (my first when I was 18- a dolphin with a rose wrapped around it) will be getting completely covered and the other will be reworked (currently a heart with angel wings- going to be changed into a batman symbol with angel wings in memory of my fiance). My third one and the one I’ll be sharing today along with some other amazing tattoos by the amazing tattoo artist, JerZy, is so much fun. It puts a smile on my face every time I see it.

Little back story for you guys- my younger brother, Nathan, passed away in 1987. He was 3, I was 7. As you can imagine, 3 years isn’t a whole lot of time to make many memories, but one of my favorites was when he was about 2 1/2, Ghostbusters was pretty popular. Being the good sister that I was, I told Nathan that Slimer lived under his bed. For three months after, Nathan would take his mattress off of his bed and pull it into the hallway and sleep in front of my parent’s bedroom door or sleep in my bedroom (evidently my room was a Slimer-free zone). Anyhoo- I decided I wanted a tattoo that reminded me of Nate, and told JerZy my idea and she came up with this. She’s located in TN, but did a guest spot at Empire Ink in Akron, OH. while she was here for OddMall (convention).  I absolutely love it.


Yup, pretty sweet, right?! JerZy’s home is in Greenville, TN. at Craven Ink. You can find her at various tattoo conventions- of which we’ll update as she posts the whens and wheres. She’s been tattooing for 8 years and artsing for EVER.

Here’s her website: http://www.jerzytattoos.com/

Here’s her instagram: http://instagram.com/barbeddragon/

Here’s her facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jerzytattoos

She does all sorts of stuffs- custom jewelry, photography, custom ponies, custom dolls, sewing, refurbishing furniture, etc. etc. etc. Seriously, this gal has talent and then some. And she’s one of my besties, which makes her UBER cool. Eventually we’ll share all of the different types of art she does, but today our focus is her tattoos. So sit back and enjoy!!









Which tattoo was your favorite? Have you gotten a tattoo in memory of someone? Comment below and tell me!

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