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A huge craze of adorable toys has hit the collecting community. Funkos. These little vinyl figures don’t really have much definition, are blockish and yet…they make you want to grab them all. Kinda like having to get every single Garbage Pail Kid card. Not only do they have a Funko for just about every fandom, but they also sell BLANKS! What the what?! Oh yes. I’m in trouble. As if I don’t already hoard my little ponies, action figures, vinyl toys, dolls, etc etc etc with future plans of making custom creations….now there’s funkos. (silently making plans to buy new notebooks to fill up with custom ideas) Surprisingly enough, I haven’t run across too many OOAK/Custom ones for sale- so if you know of any cool ones, please feel free to shoot me a message!! And yes! I also want to see your Funko Collections!! Custom or regular, let’s see how addicted you are!

And now for the eye candy….

Spyro the dragon by Bringthemaeham



Stormtrooper funko pop custom by Goblinsworkshop



John Rambo by tuff2findstuff


(Spoiler Alert) Bloody Ned Stark GoT by brickcitycomicsauctions

hehehe, this just made me giggle. A lot.

$_57 (1)


It’s Batman….it’s Groot….and….it dances. Works for me!

Batman Dancing Groot by jrod3780

$_57 (2)

Neon Genesis Evangelion-Rei Ayanami by gblade57collectibles

$_57 (3)

Shut up and take my money….

Carbonite Han Solo by bestymcbest

$_57 (4)

Tenth Doctor by ryancustompops


First Doctor by ryancustompops


SULLY by jw-art101


Maleficent by WhimsicalGeekery

*pets the shiny*


Dumbo by WhimsicalGeekery


Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters by AngiesCustoms