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Zombies seem to be a growing trend, especially with one of the most popular tv shows, “The Walking Dead” dominating the air waves. Now you can decorate your home with some creepy cute and a few downright disturbing pieces of art!! Do you have zombie art or anything horror related you’d like to share with us? Email us for a feature at retrodollsus@gmail.com (Subject Horror Feature)


Be sure to comment below and let us know which ones you loved!!!

First stop is etsy- great search words are OOAK (for one of a kind) and Custom Zombie.

From the shop: LaurelAndHoney you can now keep your head warm and bloody with this adorable crochet Zombie Hat



Awesome Zombie Heineken Beer Can from TravisMullinsArt


At IttyBittyWoodShoppe you can find custom made Wedding Cake Toppers. Who says love is dead? er….alive?

Custom Zombie Cake Toppers


TheZombieNation will take a photograph of you or your loved one and make you your very own personalized Zombie Portrait!


KodykoalaToys  has a custom Wario Zombie figure among lots of other amazing custom toys.


FeatherStonePortrait also offers zombified portraits:

Custom Zombie Portraits


Glamtastik keeps you in fashion with this Zombie Corset Dress:



RainbowDarkCreations has some spooky cute dead jewelry

Skeleton Girl Necklace


Dead Unicorn Skeleton Pendant






One of my all time favorite shops- ChewsBrains–  her shop is currently closed until the end of the month, but here are some of the items she sells- (here is her Website- Jerzy Tattoos, where you can see ALL her amazing customs, prints, photography and tattoos!!!)









And how adorable are these Zombie Owl Cake Toppers by PerlillaPets??!



Ebay is also another great place to find zombie gear.

Creepy Voodoo Zombie Bunny by seller SugarCoffin



Zombie Toy Story Scud Figure from seller: joshsponyprincess  (artist- Shannon Andrews/enchantress41580)

$_57 (1)

Death Zombie Tobacco Pipe from seller: smokingdeals14

$_57 (2)


Now how cool is this zombie Yoda toy?!?! from seller: brainybeaverstore

$_57 (3)

If this Zombie Teddy Bear doesn’t give you nightmares, I don’t know what will….it’s so terrifying….yet cuddly….  from seller: lilnightmarescollection

$_57 (4)

Custom Zombie Han Solo from seller: joshsponyprincess (artist: Shannon Andrews/Enchantress41580)


This Clay Horse Zombie is so cute!!! from seller: tessitoysandtreasures


And here’s some creepy zombie teeth earrings from seller: nycra



Adorable Custom Zombie Fozzie Bear from The Muppet Babies from seller: joshsponyprincess (artist is Shannon Andrews/enchantress41580).

$_57 (5)


Make your neighbors crap their pants with this life sized Zombie Prop! from seller: jamiegli

$_12 (1)


a purr-fect Zombie Cat Figurine from seller: joshsponyprincess (artist: Shannon Andrews/enchantress41580)

$_57 (6)


and last but not least, this freaky zombie baby from seller: pollywantstobuyandsell