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Mondays I’m going to try and feature different prints that I enjoy or that I’ve run across (aka- if you want me to feature your print- email me at retrodollsus@gmail.com subject- Print Feature).

For our first feature, I’ll share with you my meager print collection, which I hope to add a LOT to someday as I’m a huge print fan. Here’s what I have so far, enjoy!!!

My very first print was bought at a convention in 2003, from the artist, Carrie Hall. I adore fairies. I believe this is where you can find prints by Carrie- I’ve looked for facebook pages and official websites and haven’t been able to find any- please comment below if you know of any contact info. CARRIE HALL

First Edition 4/75


This second one is not a print, I know. It’s a movie poster for “Clerks” by Kevin Smith. However, it holds a very dear place in my heart. Kevin signed it for my fiance “Derek, I fucking love you man- Kevin Smith”. I had contacted Kevin back in 2003, my fiance had terminal cancer and once of his last wishes was to go to the Chicago Comicon. I knew Kevin would be there and Derek was a huge fan, so I wrote on the View Askew boards and Ming Chen contacted me with Kevin’s info. He agreed to meet us in person and also sent several signed items and kept in touch for a few years after Derek had passed. I need to get this matted properly and in a better frame.


Fast forward to 2013, where I was introduced into the vast world of prints for bands and movies by one of my besties. He gave me what I consider my first real print. “You Gotta Blow In It” by Branden Otto.

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/OTTOART


(Better pic)


Of course, since I love My Little Pony, gotta have this: My signed print from the creator of My Little Pony, Bonnie Zacherly. This was her concept art that started the creation of My Little Pony.


Probably the most valuable print I own, and super cool because I won it in a facebook contest. Queens of the Stone Age test print 1/1 by Jermaine Rogers.


Jermaine also sent me this print as an extra gift. I love bunnies and this is particularly badass. Also the first time I matted/framed a print on my own.


Next was another gift from my buddy, “Geisha Beetle” by Jim Pollock. My friend had this in his collection and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I was super stoked when he gave it to me.


Another gift- Phish New Years MSG 2013 by Drew Millward (also- check out our interview with Drew in our archives!)


and another by Drew that I treated myself to. “Icarus”


a gift my buddy gave me for my birthday last year. I have no idea who the artist is- if anyone knows, please comment below!


I was lucky enough to win this print in an auction at Con on the Cob this year by H-eri (who was also my booth neighbor)


I also purchased this by H-eri


I also won this at the Con on the Cob auction- Squirty Pie 15/250 by My Little Demon‘s creator, Heather Kreiter.


and the latest one- a very special Christmas print by Jerzy!


I have this coming from Jerzy as well ❤