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Our Customer Showcase is now being added to our blog and tumblr! 🙂 Now you can see the amazing creations using Retro Dolls hair by our customers!!

First up is Pretty as a Peacock by JoshsPonyPrincess. Featuring our Peacock Clearance Kanekalon http://www.retrodollsus.com

She is for sale asking $75 + Shipping. You can contact her via DeviantArt or Facebook-



“Pretty as a Peacock started life 2 years ago when she was dyed in teal dye and left to set for 2 years.

She has a little sculpted forehead adornment with several colors of swarovski crystals embedded in it.

She has a painted peacock adorning her display side and it is very difficult to capture all of the color shifts and beauty of her (so i apologize for all the pics). Her symbol and eyes were painted with high quality acrylics. Her symbols were sealed with satin sealer and her eyes were sealed with a high gloss sealer for a deep wet look.

She features numerous colors and sizes of swarovski crystals near her eyes and symbol.

Her mane is rehaired with RDUS peacock kankelon and it is in a full braided updo pinned into place with teal pins and features swarovski crystal hair jewelry in the back. Her tail is done with similar colors in nylon.

Her cheeks and muzzle are blushed with artist chalks.”