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              Don’t you love it when an artist breaks from her norm? SimplySteffie has done just that with this lovely lady. Ok, sort of… the pony isn’t pink at least. I have nothing against pink, don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely color, but I love things that are different. I, for one, made a received, alternately colored  cherry blossom themed ponies for a swap this past spring. Here we see Steff breaking out of the box as well, while staying true to her style and talents. Hanae is dolled up in all lovely shades of purple (is there an un-lovely shade of purple?) with highlights of white in her hair which has been expertly boil permed for that delicious looking candy cane effect. The sculpted branches of cherry blossoms are elegantly done and sit in perfect harmony with this pony. I own two ponies by Steff and I smile every time I see them, just as I am sure Hanae’s owner does when she sees her.

Want to see some of SimplySteffie’s pink ponies and Monster High customs? Visit her DeviantArt page and get acquainted with the pink of it all.