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                This Lolita pony by TiellaNicole took my breath away when I saw her. As I’ve discussed before I love Lolita style dresses and I’ve made my fair share. Usually I don’t like sculpted Lolita styles because I feel it lacks that special touch that one gets from lace and cloth. But even saying that, I love this pony. Tiella has intricately sculpted and painted the details in such a way that I don’t miss the cloth and lace. Between the corset detailing, skirt layers and expert painting I can’t find anything to complain about. The colors are well balanced creating a pony piece that feels complete and comfortable to view. I can promise this won’t be the last Tiella pony I review she is always creating and always astonishing me.

If you wish to view more from TiellaNicole please visit her DeviantArt page, or her Etsy shop, or even “like” her on her FaceBook fan page!