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What is your name (and usernames)? Katrina Bird – assassin_kitty

Where are you from? UK

How long have you been customizing? About 5 years now.

What got you started? A friend showed me her childhood Heartthrob who had lost most of her glitter so after a quick reapplication I figured huh this could be fun! Then investigated and found lots of amazing customs online and bought my first lot of hair from MYLittleCustoms and I decided to give it a go!

What types of customs do you do? I will try my hand at most things but I prefer a challenge and LOVE big sculpted projects.

What sort of mediums do you use? I use alot of apoxie sculpt, acrylic paint, ribbons, resin my craft room is full of awesome supplies

Are there any products you just can’t live without? Oh tonnes! There are so many products that my customs just would not be the same without! I will try to do a short list!
Mermaid Bubbles/ Gothic Bubbles – These things are just amazing instant glam for merponies!
Saran Hair – The soft texture of this stuff is just perfect and some of the colours! My new favourite has to be Through the Looking Glass!
UV Colour change hair – white one minute colored in sunlight, you have to love this stuff!
Apoxie sculpt – I would be lost without this stuff! It’s amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to sculpt, I tried other products and they crack, shrink and split as they dry!

What is your most favorite custom you have made?
Oh that is a really tough question, there are so many that i absolutely love her are a few
Freya http://assassin-kitty.deviantart.com/art/Freya-monster-high-centaur-331697243?ga_submit=10%3A1350738444
The Queen of Hearts http://assassin-kitty.deviantart.com/art/The-Queen-of-Hearts-331540438?ga_submit=10%3A1350738522
The Peacock Empress http://assassin-kitty.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=144#/d4nf225
Scarlett http://assassin-kitty.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=312#/d41ai9h

What is your least favorite custom you have made? I think as an artist there will always be customs that some small detail annoys us on, we are our own worst enemies! Here is one of mine
Clean Cups http://assassin-kitty.deviantart.com/art/Clean-Cups-331528805?ga_submit=10%3A1350739024

What is the worst injury you’ve had from working on customs? i don’t think I have had a really bad injury yet, just the usual cuts, burns and more cuts!

What is the funniest mistake you’ve made while working on your art? I have a really bad habit of opening super glue bottles with my teeth which has lead to many a glue based disaster! Honestly I think they should change the name of the stuff, it will glue my lips and teeth but not what I want it to glue, that is most definately not a “super” quality!

Who/What inspires you? Absolutely all sorts! From some of my favourite customisers to my favourite artists Brian Froud, Alan Lee, Nene Thomas, Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali, Rodney Matthews I could go on forever! Sometimes inspiration comes from everyday objects too the pattern on some fabric, seeing flowers on a walk etc.

What projects are you currently working on? Haha if I told you I would have to kill you! I have some really BIG projects on the go at the minute one is not so much a custom as it is a planet! Hehehe

Do you have any odd habits while working on customs? I don’t think I do but I’m sure my friends would say otherwise!

What types of art do you enjoy? I have tried my hand a lots of different arts in the past like Glass painting, stained glass windows, pottery, painting, drawing, mosaics, jewellery making and many others too.

Do you take commissions? I do indeed, although I won’t be taking on anything new for a few weeks.

Where can people see your work and contact you? You can contact me on Deviantart http://assassin-kitty.deviantart.com/

Do you have any favorite tips or tricks?
Don’t scrimp on products, it is always worth that little bit extra to get a really good paintbrush etc, it will last longer and give a better finish a good brush is essential for fine line work like eyes and lashes. The same goes for all products really if you can afford a better product then get it!
Haha always have cocktail sticks! I know it sounds silly but these are one of my most used tools! They are great for sculpting nearly all the small detail on my sculpts comes from these and they are great for clean up too, wrap a little cotton wool round one end and you have a tiny cotton bud for cleaning up paint.
Have lots of glue! I find glue is fickle stuff, what works on one thing won’t work for another, superglue will tarnish the backs of gemstones. So it’s always best to have a few options at hand.
Hoard stuff! Yep that’s right you never know when you may need random bits of clear plastics, small metal parts or plastic! If it looks like it may be useful then keep it!

What advice do you have for someone just starting to get into customizing?
Don’t give up, I nearly did so many times when i first started. If it wasn’t for the support of my boyfriend and friends I don’t think I would still be doing this.
Never be afraid to ask! There is a huge community of customisers out there who are always happy to help, if you are stuck don’t be shy!