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                Kimmers is an amazing artist in so many ways. But most notably, to me, is making a merpony I actually like. Ok there are a total of two in existence, but this is the one we’re talking about tonight. You’ll forgive me that I won’t type out this pretty lady’s name but I have enough Hawaiian names floating around my head. The one thing to understand is her name truly fits her. And as a custom she is over all perfection as customs go. I love reposes, as long as I’m not the one doing them. Well I’ll correct myself; I love a well done repose. The lines produced by Kimmer’s repose flow very nicely from the pony and are very natural looking. As natural as a merpony gets.

What really catches my eye, as it often does, is the details. I can’t tell you how many times I find little shells from my daughters’ craft box and think “that’d make a sweet unicorn horn.” Not only has Kimmers done exactly that she sculpted it, not just took a shell and implanted it. From there every detail is carefully and skillfully placed from the textures to the paint. The delicate color changes in the scales, the shading of every nook and cranny, and the seductive half closed eyes are all reasons I love this pony. If I had to find a fault it’s that she’s not on my shelf. *cries*

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Love always,