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What is your name (and usernames)?
Kalavista everywhere! MLP Arena, eBay, Yahoo, Deviant Art, etc.

Where are you from?

Eternally 25 (lol)

How long have you been customizing?
Almost 4 years I think

What got you started?
Curiosity – I wondered if I could, and found out it was something I really loved doing!

What types of customs do you do?
All types of ponies, Monster High and Bratz dolls – I’m open to almost anything.

What sort of mediums do you use?
Synthetic hair, acrylic paint, Dick Blick’s awesome sable brushes, Swarovski crystals…

Are there any products you just can’t live without?
Dick Blick’s brushes. I couldn’t live without them. My favorite is the Blick Master Sable 3/0 brush.

What is your most favorite custom you have made? (link)
I can’t pick one fav, so here’s one of my favs:

What is your least favorite custom you have made? (link)
So ugly I no longer have a picture of it online. LOL

What is the worst injury you’ve had from working on customs?
Uh… tons of blisters, slices from X-acto knife, stabs from reroot needles… the list goes on and on.

What is the funniest mistake you’ve made while working on your art?
Poking myself in the eye with a G3 unicorn horn whilst beheading it.

Who/What inspires you?
Everything! Other artists, random tattoos, nature, everything.

What projects are you currently working on?
TONS. just…. ugh. TONS.

Do you have any odd habits while working on customs?
I always hold my reroot tool in my mouth while grabbing another plug of hair.

What types of art do you enjoy?
Everything, but when I’m actually visiting an art gallery, I prefer Romantic and Renaissance art.

Do you take commissions?

Where can people see your work and contact you? (facebook, da, website- give us them all) 🙂
Best place is DA:
My website:

Do you have any favorite tips or tricks?
Don’t scrimp on supplies. Artist grade acrylics, like the brand Golden, are worth the extra money – and sable brushes, while pricey, are SO WORTH IT. They last way longer and keep their shape better than synthetic brushes.

What advice do you have for someone just starting to get into customizing?
Start simple. Play to your strengths and DO NOT be afraid to take critique!!!