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Tonight’s pony feature is brought to you by Prismatic. Violetta is a pony that that I can look at all day. The tiny stitches in her Lolita dress and the attention to color details speaks volumes about this artist’s skill. Her hair color is spot on for the theme and lusciously curled. The design of the dress, for an otaku like me, screams wa-lolita which is awesome because that’s what she was going for! I can’t tell you how ambiguous some Lolita designs can be but to have one pulled off so beautifully is a true work of art.

I wish she had the pony she made for me for the cherry blossom swap up. I do adore her and I think between this one and that one you can really see this artist’s skill, and patience!

I’ve contacted tonight’s feature but for now I only have one link to her work, so here is PrismaticPony on DevaintArt.


Love always,