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What is your name (and usernames)? MichellesClay, Michelle’s Clay Creations

Where are you from? Indiana

Age- 50

How long have you been in the art industry? 20yrs

What got you started? Being a stay at home Mom

What types of customs/art do you do? jewelry and ornaments

What sort of mediums do you use? Polymer Clay

Are there any products you just can’t live without? pasta machine

What is your most favorite custom you have made? Wedding Cake topper

What is the worst injury you’ve had from working on customs?none

What is the funniest mistake you’ve made while working on your art? cannot think of anything

Who/What inspires you? nature, horses, other artists, people in general….God

What projects are you currently working on? Personalized Christmas ornament -White Go Go Boots, Mustang Cuff Bracelet, Photo keychains, “Hairspray” (musical) Christmas Ornament

Do you have any odd habits while working on customs/art? staying up all night 😛

What types of art do you enjoy? ALL

Where can people see your work and contact you? (facebook, da, website- give us them all)

What advice do you have for someone just starting to get into customizing/art?
Read, Practice, be patient, get very good descriptions from clients