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Autumn Sparkle by ViciousStudios Hey everyone! Ruby here. I’ve been invited to feature a single custom pony once a week, my choice! This is really exciting for me because I’ve been in the community a while and I have some really awesome favorites. Starting this now though I’ve opted to show off a particular fall themed pony I really wish I hadn’t missed out on purchasing.

This lovely pony was made by Valerie who runs www.ViciousStudios.com and may be better known as ViciousJupiter on the MLParena. I love this pony for 3 main reasons. The dye on the sparkle bait pony makes for an amazing effect in her body color. The hair blend is stunning and matches the pony and the theme so well. And lastly, but not least, her cutie mark brings me back to the times I’d jump into leaf piles as child. The combination of swirls, starts and leaves is delicately placed and, where I think some other artists would over-do it and end up with a very busy pony, this is done just right for a very nicely balanced pony.

Thumbs up to Val for being the artist to our first custom feature. You can find more of her work on her DeviantArt, her customs Facebook, and of course her own website.

Interested in finding out how to be featured? Email me RevRuby@yahoo.com with a link to your gallery. I will be happy to let you know then when you’re featured ^_^

Love always,